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Mondo Grass Information

Botanical name: Ophiopohon Japanicus
Native: Japan

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Angiosperms
  • Clade: Monocots
  • Order: Asparagales
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Subfamily: Nolinoideae
  • Genus: Ophiopogon
  • Species: O. japonicus
mondo grass in pots

What is Mondo Grass

common mondo grass

Do you want to know more about Mondo Grass? Probably, some of you are already familiar about this grass. But for those who don’t know yet what Mondo Grass is and want to explore and learn more about it, here it is. This article will discuss about Mondo Grass, which can help you have a better understanding of this unique plant.

Mondo Grass, otherwise known as Ophiopogon japonicas, is like a grass plant that grows in shade. This grass can’t take more foot traffic, however, it is very easy to put stepping stones on it in order to guide guests. Mondo grass is closely related in its very familiar cousin, the Liriope and a part of a lily family. This grass resembles its cousin, Liriope. In fact, everything about the Mondo Grass is almost 1/3 the volume of the Liriope. The length of typical Mondo Grass just reaching six to eight- inches and the width of leaves measure only for about quarter inch.

Mondo Grass Images in Any Season

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Anyway, there is also the so-called, dwarf Mondo Grass or the Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nanus’ which is smaller 1/3 of the common Mondo grass only reaching two inches tall. This Dwarf Mondo grows equally in shade/sun. But since this kind of Mondo Grass is slower to grow compared to the typical one, it’s commonly planted in shade. Because some grasses jump over the fence, if planted in the sunny sites.
If you want to have this grass-like plant, this is best during winter as the dark green color of the leaves are even greener.

Mondo Grass grow in a small tuft in the slowly scattering underground crown. These grasses usually put forth small flowers in the month of August. Its Latin named, Ophiopogon describes the bloom and translates as a snake with beard. Mondo Grass plants truly do best particularly in warm climates. In fact, gardeners across Deep South and Louisiana use this plant to perfection. They are using these plant as lawn under Southern magnolias and live oaks.  

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For gardeners who don’t have long patience, this grass can help to prove trying as it grows slowly. As a matter of fact, it took for almost three years before completely filled-in. But you can try to use organic matter for faster growth and spreading. Another strategy that you can do is through breaking the Mondo Grass into each division containing only few crown and many leaves.

There are a lot of wonderful ways in order to make use of this very decorative plant in your land. Most of the gardeners use this groundcover in their landscapes and patches where it symbolizes green pastures in forest glade. While some, used Mondo Grass in joints between the stones in native walkway where the leaves are usually trod on and haven’t caused any damage or foot traffic.

No matter what you want to use this plant, this Mondo Grass will always make your gardens great, offering evergreen color which will surely bring you attractive and lovely groundcover!

Mondo Grass Varieties

Perhaps, Mondo Grass is the most wonderful groundcover plant in the market. More commonly known as fountain plant. What makes it very popular is its verdant color. In addition, mondo grass doesn’t need to be mowed. It remains fluffy & full around the year. Although this belongs to Lily family, it has feathery, hearty turf and hale appearance with thin blade.

As ornamental plants, Mondo Grasses are also dispensed in home gardens. Most of the gardeners choose plant over ivy as it is easier to take care of and maintain. In that way, it will appear more beautiful and attractive all the time especially with its tiny velvet flowers.

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  • mondo grass images

Types of Mondo Grass

Common Mondo Grass

mondo grass images

Ophiopogon japonicus, This is most commonly used among the varieties of Mondo Grass. The height of this grass reaches six to ten inches. This Mondo Grass type grows well particularly in extreme or partial shaded areas. And also, this is great for runoff avoidance for holding ground together.

This type of Mondo Grass is frequently used as green mixed together with seasonal/ annual in planters. Since it produces needle-liked, fine, and dark green leaves. This groundcover spreads in your yard just like carpets. This is more attractive to look at as it produces light velvet flowers.

Dwarf Mondo Grass

dwarf mondo grass

Ophiopogon japonicus var. nanus, or ‘Nanus’ , If you want to make excellent filler in your walkways or between the pathway stones. While other types of Mondo Grass grow up for about 12 inches, this variety of Mondo Grass which is called as Dwarf Mondo grass or Nana Mondo grass is typically grows just 3 inches tall. However, though small and slow to grow, this Dwarf Mondo  produces dark-green and fine leaves. The dark-green leaves of this plant contras well together with the lighter colored grasses.

Black Mondo Grass

black mondo grass pictures

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ , Another type of Mondo Grass is the black mondo grass or most commonly known as Arabicus mondo grass. This type of Mondo Grass grows with unusual leaves which creates striking contrast once planted near the light- colored plants & flowers. This rare black leaves of Black Mondo Grass reaches height of 10 inches and thrives at the full or partial shady areas. Anyway, this plant requires low watering and yields pink blossoms in summer.

Super Dwarf Mondo Grass

pictures of mondo grass super dwarf

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Gyoku-ryu’ or ‘Kyoto Dwarf’, it’s more commonly called as super dwarf mondo grass. This mondo variety is a new ar­ rival from Japan. It is the tiniest mondo grass, with very compact tufts consisting of dark green leaves less than 11⁄2 inches long. It spreads slowly and is used in bonsai arrangements.

Silver Mist Mondo Grass

pictures of mondo grass

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Kijimafukiduma’. Silver Mist Mondo Grass is a showy, variegated cultivar with stark, white-and-green,needle-like leaves about 10 inches long. ‘Silver Mist’ is often used in very shady areas, such as under trees, where it shows up better than the green varieties and provides contrast and texture to the area.

Green Mondo Grass

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Ophiopogon jaburan var. Evergreen Giant is a very tall, upright, clumping species of mondo grass with light purple to white flowers. It has coarse, solid-green leaves 18–36 inches long, and the clumps may reach 12 inches in diameter. Because this is a larger clumping type, it is normally used not as a groundcover but rather in groups of two to five clumps for accent and to pro­ vide depth and variability to a landscape arrangement.

Ebony Knight Mondo Grass

ebony knight mondo grass photos

Distinctive color and texture for the garden! Dense clumps of purple-black, grass-like foliage make an excellent ground cover, edging or border. Flowers are followed by black berries hidden in the foliage. Creates a unique contrast to other plants in the landscape. Evergreen.
Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. For a neat appearance, remove old foliage before new leaves emerge. Divide clumps every 2 to 3 years in early spring.

Mini Mondo Grass

mini mondo grass images

Mini Mondo Grass as the name suggests is a dwarf or mini form of Mondo grass, with an overall height of 10 to 15 cm tall. It is an evergreen plant that spreads by underground rhizomes. It is a very tough plant that has a high drought and cold tolerance. Mini Mondo Grass is the perfect plant for between paving and stepping stones as the low height won’t become a trip hazard.

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